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sarmababy asked

Hi! Wishing you an enormous amount of inspiration and a steady hand in 2013. Now, I was wondering if you could help me. I've only recently started doing what you might call designs on my nails. I've always been a fan of a good lacquer or a pretty mani, but as I am a real rookie here, I was wondering if you could share a seceret as to how you get your nails dry. Multiple layers kill me every time and I manage to ruin every design. I'm thinking of trying express dry drops, what say you? Thanks.

blognailedit answered

Thank you! I wish you the same in 2013!

Sometimes, multiple layers is inevitable, especially with sheer polishes and glitters. In those instances, I like to use a quick-dry topcoat between layers of different polishes. For example, if I am doing a design that requires a base color, and that base color takes about 3 coats to reach full opacity, after the third coat I will apply the quick-dry topcoat. Then, the design I do on top of that won’t pull at the base color and mess it up.

My favorite quick-dry is Seche Vite, which is readily available online and in most beauty supply stores (as well as your general stores such as Target). A coat of that and you’ll only have to wait about 5 minutes before continuing your design.

I’d also recommend working on all your nails all at once. If you do one nail at a time, you’ll wind up waiting longer. Doing one layer on all your nails, then returning to the first nail for the second layer, doing all the second layer on all the nails, and so on will give you more dry time between each nail!

Good luck!

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